About Pallina Designs Product Design Firm

My name is Nick Knight.

I am a veteran product designer, engineer, and creator with over 20 years of experience bringing new ideas from concept to market. I consult for people and companies that know they want to change the world, but need a little extra help getting there from someone who has seen a variety of successes – and more importantly – failures.

My process is simple. We start with a consultation session covering your idea, your goals, and where I can be of most value. From there, we are able to scope out a workflow and timeline that will allow me to assist you in designing, engineering, prototyping, producing, and marketing a finished product to consumers. I don’t sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) before a contract of formal engagement, so please do not ask.

Over two decades I have worked with brands such as Nike, Sony, Visa, Kraft, and many more. I’m eager to bring process, rigor, and results to new and disruptive projects. Read more about my process and beliefs here. Ready to talk to me about your project? Contact me here.